inserting a new record from a pop-up, and returning to the main form at that record.

I have some code that reads:
go to next record,
if the next record is a new record,
based on the value of the previous record, assign a specific value to a 
particular field OR open a modal form that offers some choices for the value 
to be assigned

in both cases, if the new value is "X" , assign the new value to that 
record, and then add another new record with a value of "X+1" assign to the 
field (and go tot hat record for edits)

I have no problem doing this when I am in the first situation (not needing 
to open the second form), but from the second form, I am lost

here's some snippets of the code:
on the main form "frmSpec":

   With frm
       If IsNumeric(Right(strInitial, 1)) Then
            stDocName = "frmNextFixtureTypeOption"
            DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria ', , acDialog, 
            With Forms![frmNextFixtureTypeOption]
                .[lblInitialAlpha].Caption = strInitialAlpha
                .[lblNextAlpha].Caption = strNextAlpha
                .[lblNextNumeric].Caption = strNextNumeric
            End With
            .txtType = strNextAlpha
            'if next type is an "o" or  "x" then add as not used type and 
advance to next type
            If Ucase(Right(strNextAlpha, 1)) = "O" Or 
Ucase(Right(strNextAlpha, 1)) = "X" Then
                .basedescription = "NOT USED"
                strNextAlpha = Mid(strNextAlpha, 1, Len(strNextAlpha) - 1) & 
Chr(Asc(Right(strNextAlpha, 1)) + 1)
                DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNext
                .txtType = strNextAlpha
            End If
        End If
    End With

and behind the pop-up form "frmNextFixtureTypeOption"

Private Sub cmdNextAlpha_Click()
    Forms![frmSpec].txtType = Me.lblNextAlpha.Caption

' this is where I need to add code to check the value of 
Forms![frmSpec].txtType, and potentially add the second record

 End Sub

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
many thanks in advance,

4/3/2010 3:56:03 PM
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