Filters, Buttons, Queries, oh my! - 44399

i have a main form with a subform. the main form and the subform are 
unrelated. the subform is based on a query that lists a load of stuff and 
does some calcs that use numbers on the main form with numbers from the 
subform. this all works great.

i have some buttons that allow me to cause a filter to be applied to the 
subform based on the code that i put in the buttons on click event. there are 
6 buttons that turn on a specific filter and 6 other buttons that turn off 
the filter. i know i probably should have used toggle buttons, but as i am 
still learning i wanted to make it easy on myself. these buttons work fine, 
except for one fine detail.

when i click the first filter button it does what it was meant to do, when i 
click the second button it does what it was meant to do on top of the other 
filter the first button did. this is exactly what i want. but when i turn off 
one filter, it turns off all the others.

so here is the code i have for one set of buttons. i am imagining that i 
might need to add something to each, or rewrite to make the previous filter 


Private Sub btn10000off_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_btn10000off_Click
    'this is necessary for the calculations on the subform
    RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord

    'this is the code to turn off the filter
    Me.subfrmqryRepPartListCalcWFilter.Form.Filter = ""
    Me.subfrmqryRepPartListCalcWFilter.Form.FilterOn = False

    'this code changes the focus from the button just clicked so that it can 
be disabled and turns on the button that is its opposite
    Me.btn10000off.Visible = False
    Me.btn10000off.Enabled = False
    Me.btn10000on.Visible = True
    Me.btn10000on.Enabled = True
    Exit Sub
    Resume Exit_btn10000off_Click
End Sub

Private Sub btn10000on_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_btn10000on_Click
    'this is necessary for the calculations on the subform    
    RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
    'this is the turning on of the filter
    Me.subfrmqryRepPartListCalcWFilter.Form.Filter = "(([10000Rebuild] = -1))"
    Me.subfrmqryRepPartListCalcWFilter.Form.FilterOn = True

    'this code changes the focus from the button just clicked so that it can 
be disabled and turns on the button that is its opposite
    Me.btn10000on.Visible = False
    Me.btn10000on.Enabled = False
    Me.btn10000off.Visible = True
    Me.btn10000off.Enabled = True

    Exit Sub
    Resume Exit_btn10000on_Click
End Sub

thanks for any and all suggestions! :)
3/21/2007 8:00:00 PM
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