ComboBox in Subform will not display Query Data

To all,

I have a situation that is very confusing to me.  I have made many
form/subform conditions and never have had this situation happen...

For lack of better terms we will call the main form MAIN and the subform SUB.
In the subform I have a comboBox called ITEMID and it uses a query to pick a
list of items based on certain criteria.

Here is what happens...

I open the MAIN form and prompt the user for info some info using an inputbox.
Then the MAIN w/SUB open just fine.  My Links are ProjectID;ReleaseID.  The
MAIN form table (tblReleaseMemo) has the record started and the SUB table
(tblReleaseItems) is empty at this time.  The user is to pick an item from
the ITEMID comboBox in the SUB and then a record is written to the SUB table.

Problem: When I click the ITEMID comboBox I get no records.  Yet, if I have
the properties window up and check the query data it shows me the correct
records I expect to see.  This data comes from a table called

If I close the MAIN and reopen it, then the ITEMID comboBox works OK.

I thought maybe I need data in both the MAIN and SUB tables but the closing
and opening of the MAIN proves this is not true becasue the SUB table is
still empty until I choose an ITEMID from the comboBox

I tried adding refresh and requery in various locations...nothing.  I tried
saving the forms...nothing.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me.

I have read a number of treads similar, but none helped me solve this dilema.

Thank you all in advance.

David (Disneygoof)

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