cmbo box on subform fills fields on form when chkbx is yes

I have a multi-tabbed form that details bid data ranging from pricing to
contact info to departmental notes. Page two has a subform listing general
contractors to whom we bid. One bid may have 10-15 contractors listed. When a
purchase order is issued from one of these contractors I select a checkbox
indicating that GC. I would like the opening page on this tabbed form to show
the address and contact info for that GC when the checkbox is yes. Is this

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On Mar 17, 3:04=A0pm, "kathrynwoning via" <u39854@uwe>
> indicating that GC. I would like the opening page on this tabbed form to s=
> the address and contact info for that GC when the checkbox is yes. Is this=

> possible?

Is the checkbox a field in the underlying database? If so I'd do an
OUTER JOIN between that field and the addresses, and join that
recordset to the form fields on the first tab. For instance, if the
addresses are in tblGC and the contracts with the checkbox in

SELECT c.[address fields] FROM tblGC c JOIN tblBids b ON b.gcId=3Dg.gcId
WHERE b.DidContract=3D1

Then make a subform displaying the address fields, bind this query to
it, and then wire up the subform to join on the bid Id.

3/17/2008 7:50:20 PM

SELECT qryGenContractors.gcID, qryGenContractors.gcName, qryGenContractors.
gcBusCity, qryGenContractors.linkContractorID, qryGenContractors.linkBidId,
qryGenContractors.linkBidAccepted, qryGenContractors.linkPOreceived,
qryGenContractors.linkAuthorizedBy, qryGenContractors.linkLowBid,
qryGenContractors.linkLBreceived, qryGenContractors.linkLBAuthorizedBy
FROM qryGenContractors; JOIN tblGC ON gcID=linkBidID WHERE qryGenContractors.

Maury Markowitz wrote:
>On Mar 17, 3:04 pm, "kathrynwoning via" <u39854@uwe>
>> indicating that GC. I would like the opening page on this tabbed form to show
>> the address and contact info for that GC when the checkbox is yes. Is this
>> possible?
>Is the checkbox a field in the underlying database? If so I'd do an
>OUTER JOIN between that field and the addresses, and join that
>recordset to the form fields on the first tab. For instance, if the
>addresses are in tblGC and the contracts with the checkbox in
>SELECT c.[address fields] FROM tblGC c JOIN tblBids b ON b.gcId=g.gcId
>WHERE b.DidContract=1
>Then make a subform displaying the address fields, bind this query to
>it, and then wire up the subform to join on the bid Id.

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