Calculate date based on other table

Below are my 2 tables:-

ItemID (primary key)

Table 2
Serial number(primary key)

I need the dateExpired to be auto calculated when I enter the ItemID. The
dateExpired is today's date + the days in the table 1...May I know the way?

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5/21/2007 6:36:57 AM
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It would be a good idea to create an index for the ItemID field in Table 2

You did not say whether there is a form involved of if you are doing 
recordset processing or if this is being done in a query.  Where you are 
doing this will determine how you do this.

Post some additional detail, please.
Dave Hargis, Microsoft Access MVP

"EMILYTAN via" wrote:

> Below are my 2 tables:-
> Table1
> ItemID (primary key)
> Days
> Table 2
> Serial number(primary key)
> ItemID 
> dateExpired
> I need the dateExpired to be auto calculated when I enter the ItemID. The
> dateExpired is today's date + the days in the table 1...May I know the way?
> -- 
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5/21/2007 12:23:01 PM

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