Append Query problem - 74486

I have created an append query in vba code which is inside a For...Next loop.
I create an SQL statement to find matching related records in one table, and
then insert these matching records into a temporary table. I repeat for each
value of unique primary key that is provided (in an array).

The issue I have is that the append query only works for the first matching
record, not the subsequent records. I have verified that correct SQL
statements are generated during each iteration of the loop, but for some
reason no inserts occur after the first one. The temp table is cleared at the
beginning of the subroutine.

Any input would be helpful, I thank you very much for any assistance.

Here is my code:
If boolNoRecords = False Then   'the "No Records Found" flag is not set.
        For x = 0 To UBound(lngArrayTestID)
            If lngArrayTestID(x) > 0 Then     'do not allow TestID = 0
                'lngArrayTestID() contains non-duplicated testID values
(primary key).
                strTempSQL1 = "INSERT INTO " & strResultsTable

                strTempSQL1 = strTempSQL1 & " SELECT * FROM "
                strTempSQL1 = strTempSQL1 & strSourceQuery2 & " WHERE "
                strTempSQL1 = strTempSQL1 & "TestID = " & lngArrayTestID(x)
                 DoCmd.SetWarnings False     'turn off warnings
                   DoCmd.RunSQL strTempSQL1   'execute "INSERT INTO" query
                 DoCmd.SetWarnings True      'turn on warnings

            End If
            strTempSQL1 = ""    'make sure it is cleared before starting
        Next x      'repeat the process for all TestID values in
    End If      'end the If boolNoRecords = False clause

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