Adding Multiple Records


I am attempting to add multiple records to a table from a command
button. All but one of the fields will be the same for each record. I
have checkboxes with user names, and I'd like to add a record for each
user that is checked. The form is unbound - with textboxes that will
hold the standard information for each record. I just need to add
separate records based on whether the user's checkbox is checked...

if chkbox.value = -1 then
  docmd.runsql "insert into..."

I'm having trouble setting up the loop and/or recordset. Any guidance
is greatly appreciated.

3/14/2008 5:06:16 PM
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Name your check boxes 'chk1','chk2', etc.  In the tag property for each box, 
store the name of the person that the check box is for. Then you can use 
something like the following code to loop through them. Note: I have used 
this successfully for combo boxes, but never for check boxes. It should still 

Dim intCurBox as integer

For intCurrentBox = 1 To << how ever many boxes you have>>
      If Me("chk" & intCurBox).Value = -1 Then
         << do something here; use Me("chk" & intCurBox).Tag to get the name 
of  the person>>
      End If
Next intCurrentBox

"SDCT" wrote:

> Hi,
> I am attempting to add multiple records to a table from a command
> button. All but one of the fields will be the same for each record. I
> have checkboxes with user names, and I'd like to add a record for each
> user that is checked. The form is unbound - with textboxes that will
> hold the standard information for each record. I just need to add
> separate records based on whether the user's checkbox is checked...
> if chkbox.value = -1 then
>   docmd.runsql "insert into..."
> I'm having trouble setting up the loop and/or recordset. Any guidance
> is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
3/14/2008 5:57:00 PM
Thanks a lot.... a much simpler approach than I expected, and it does
exactly what I need it to do!!! Much appreciated!!!
3/14/2008 7:07:58 PM

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