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I have a problem , I need to allow a group of people to select the
books they want to purchase , then I want to print a report showing
how many of a particular book I need to buy and then show a chart
refelcting how many of the diffrent books were chosen. Can anyone
please help me is this done in a query or report ???

8/25/2007 8:29:33 AM
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"NicholasEllis" <> wrote in message
>I have a problem , I need to allow a group of people to select the
> books they want to purchase

Use a query based form

> then I want to print a report showing
> how many of a particular book I need to buy

Use a query based report

> and then show a chart
> refelcting how many of the diffrent books were chosen.

Use a query based report

> Can anyone
> please help me is this done in a query or report ???
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

8/25/2007 1:18:14 PM

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