What's happened to the findfirst function in Access 2010?

I have a working Access 2007 Application which is now failing miserably in 
2010.  It hinges on location the first available working document in a table 
runing the following VBA code:
With Me.Recordset
        .FindFirst "([fld1] + [fld2]) = 0"
        If .NoMatch Then
          .FindLast "([fdl1] + [fld2]) <> 0"
          Exit Sub
        End If

What must I do to correct this? Go through a record by record search?
End With
In 2007, this works correctly, stopping at the appropriate record (approc. 
rec 1385 in the recordset). In 2010, it stops at record 79 
12/5/2009 11:58:01 PM
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On Sat, 5 Dec 2009 15:58:01 -0800, Dadders
<Dadders@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

What are the values of fld1 and fld2 in both scenarios?

Microsoft Access MVP

>I have a working Access 2007 Application which is now failing miserably in 
>2010.  It hinges on location the first available working document in a table 
>runing the following VBA code:
>With Me.Recordset
>        .FindFirst "([fld1] + [fld2]) = 0"
>        If .NoMatch Then
>          .FindLast "([fdl1] + [fld2]) <> 0"
>          Exit Sub
>        End If
>What must I do to correct this? Go through a record by record search?
>End With
>In 2007, this works correctly, stopping at the appropriate record (approc. 
>rec 1385 in the recordset). In 2010, it stops at record 79 
12/6/2009 3:17:15 AM
"Dadders" <Dadders@discussions.microsoft.com> escreveu na mensagem 
>I have a working Access 2007 Application which is now failing miserably in
> 2010.  It hinges on location the first available working document in a 
> table
> runing the following VBA code:
> With Me.Recordset
>        .FindFirst "([fld1] + [fld2]) = 0"
>        If .NoMatch Then
>          .FindLast "([fdl1] + [fld2]) <> 0"
>          Exit Sub
>        End If
> What must I do to correct this? Go through a record by record search?
> End With
> In 2007, this works correctly, stopping at the appropriate record (approc.
> rec 1385 in the recordset). In 2010, it stops at record 79 

12/9/2009 1:17:51 AM

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