Want to Display Most Recently Entered Record in Access 2003 Language Learning App - 21120

Hi all,

I'm new to Access. I've got a good bit of VBA under my belt, but I've
been using it in Excel, so I'm a bit lost in all this new

Anyway, I'm trying to build an application to help me study Romanian.
I have a table, Phrases! as follows:

     Phrase ID	AutoNumber   unique identifier
LearningSession		Number				convenient way to group phrases for study
Entered					Date/Time			the date and time the phrase was entered
Source					Memo				textbook, page number, etc... (or "Mom said it")
Romanian				Memo				the phrase in Romanian
English					Memo				the phrase in English
I want there to be a locked text box or something like that on my
Phrase Input form that shows the Romanian field from the record I most
recently entered. (This helps me find my place again if I get
distracted or need to stop in the middle of keying in a vocabulary
My first thought was to write a query on Phrases! and link the Control
Source of a text box on my form to the query. The query works fine-I
just looked up a nested SQL walk-through:
SELECT Phrases.Romanian AS MostRecent
FROM Phrases
WHERE (((Phrases.Entered) In (SELECT Max(Phrases.Entered) FROM
But when I try to link the Control Source to a form (for which the
Record Source is the Phrases! table) I get the #NAME? error.
I don't think the form could be confused about the object references
since I renamed the Romanian attribute to MostRecent:Romanian in
Design View.
And I know I'm not making any typos because I'm using the expression
writer to generate the references. I've tried:
=DLookUp(LastEnteredPhrase!MostRecent, LastEnteredPhrase!)
which is corrected to
=DLookUp(LastEnteredPhrase!MostRecent, LastEnteredPhrase!MostRecent)
Can anyone help me?

7/11/2007 2:14:43 AM
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