subforms 02-26-08

I have a tab page with two subforms in it.  When I tab to the last combo box 
in the first subform it does not tab to the first text box of the second 
subform.  How would I do that?  Thanks in advance.
2/26/2008 9:46:01 PM
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In the Lost Focus event of the last text box on the first subform put:


Where YourSecondSubformContainerName is the name of the control on the main 
form that houses the second subform (not necessarily the subform name).  It 
is possible that the container name is the same as the subform name, but it 
isn't necessarily so.  So you have to use the container name.  

And YourFirstTextBoxName is the name of the text box on the second subform 
that you want to get the focus.
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"PJ" wrote:

> I have a tab page with two subforms in it.  When I tab to the last combo box 
> in the first subform it does not tab to the first text box of the second 
> subform.  How would I do that?  Thanks in advance.
2/27/2008 7:15:00 AM

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