Strange barcode like lines appearing in all forms

  This morning I went to update a form and when I opened the form in Design 
mode I noticed what looked like a bunch of small black squares containing 
barcode images of some sort.
Even when I go to create a new form from scratch, these images show up.
Anyone have any idea what is causing this? I am using Access 2002 on a 
Terminal Server runing Windows 2000.

Even if I open reports in design mode I get these strange characters.

Thank you,

Thomas Kroljic 

11/16/2009 2:25:57 PM
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It appears that a virus (trojan.bredolab) was on the server. I removed this 
virus and the small little black squares stopped appearing on all forms and 
report. Not 100% sure this caused the problem.

"Thomas Kroljic" <> wrote in message 
> All,
>  This morning I went to update a form and when I opened the form in Design 
> mode I noticed what looked like a bunch of small black squares containing 
> barcode images of some sort.
> Even when I go to create a new form from scratch, these images show up.
> Anyone have any idea what is causing this? I am using Access 2002 on a 
> Terminal Server runing Windows 2000.
> Even if I open reports in design mode I get these strange characters.
> Thank you,
> Thomas Kroljic

11/17/2009 4:13:22 PM

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