Referancing a subforms control

i have a value i would like to assign to a subforms control but i am having 
no luck in doing so.

the main form is called "Site_info_frm"
the subform is called "FAsub_info_frm"
and the control is called "File_path"

could someone show me how to put them together to insert the value.

7/2/2007 12:00:02 PM
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Note, though, that depending on how you added FAsub_info_frm as a subform on 
Site_info_frm, it's possible that the subform control on Site_info_frm might 
be named something other than FAsub_info_frm. If the subform control on 
Site_info_frm is named something other that FAsub_info_frm, us the name of 
the subform control instead.

You might find it useful to read at "The Access Web"

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
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"Apples76" <> wrote in message
>i have a value i would like to assign to a subforms control but i am having
> no luck in doing so.
> the main form is called "Site_info_frm"
> the subform is called "FAsub_info_frm"
> and the control is called "File_path"
> could someone show me how to put them together to insert the value.
> Thanks 

7/2/2007 12:41:16 PM
On my website (, is a small Access database 
sample called "SubformReference.mdb" which illustrates how to handle a lot 
of reference issues on subforms and sub-subforms.

--Roger Carlson
  MS Access MVP
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"Apples76" <> wrote in message
>i have a value i would like to assign to a subforms control but i am having
> no luck in doing so.
> the main form is called "Site_info_frm"
> the subform is called "FAsub_info_frm"
> and the control is called "File_path"
> could someone show me how to put them together to insert the value.
> Thanks 

7/2/2007 1:13:10 PM

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