Problem with printing listbox bigger than one page


I created form "Invoice". It contains few list boxes (like: Brand,
Product, Price, etc.). Each list box is big enough to display 50
items. It works in this way: user is chosing product from table
Products_tbl and clicks on "Add to invoice" button which adds to each
list box new item containg apropriate information about chosen
product. At the end, user can print the form. Before it was limited,
and user could put max. 50 products on one invoice, but I wanted to
get rid of this limitation. I did it in this way: after 50th item,
with each added product I extend list boxes by adding to their Height
property number equal to height of new line and at the same time I
extend Details section of form by the same value. It works fine, but
when I extend list box to about 65 lines it begins to be bigger than a
page, and when I go to Print Preview it looks like that: invoice
header (around 10% of page) at the top, then nothing to the end of the
page, on page 2 my list boxes (full page - for example items: 1 to
60), and on the top of page 3 end part of list boxes (items 61 to 65)
plus page footer.
What I don't know is how  to start print list boxes at first page
(under the header) and carry them on on another pages. Is it possible
at all ?
I've read that list boxes are designed for the reports, so I've saved
my form as a report and tried with that, but it behaves exactly the
same way.

Thanks in advance,


4/11/2007 9:52:07 PM
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