Need an unbound text box and command button (Search)

I need to create an unbound text box with a command button (Search) on my
form which will enable the user to find the current record for a space no. I
would like the user to only have to type in the space no.

My fields are:
Current "Yes"

I am not experienced at writing code.

Thanks so much.

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11/25/2009 11:09:36 PM
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On Wed, 25 Nov 2009 23:09:36 GMT, "Uschi via"
<u25116@uwe> wrote:

If you don't write code, it may be easier to instruct the users to hit
Ctrl+F on the SpaceNo field, and enter the value they want to search

Microsoft Access MVP

>I need to create an unbound text box with a command button (Search) on my
>form which will enable the user to find the current record for a space no. I
>would like the user to only have to type in the space no.
>My fields are:
>Current "Yes"
>I am not experienced at writing code.
>Thanks so much.
11/26/2009 4:43:05 AM

Many thanks for your quick reply.

My users have limited computer skills. The Find command is creating a BIG
problem because they do not always pay attention to when the current record
for that space comes up. The current record has a check mark (Current, if

I thought it would be more user friendly if they could just type in the space
no into a text box (Please enter space no) and then click a SEARCH button
(search will bring up the current record for that space). For their purpose
they only need to find the current record for a space no. 

Also, I do not want them to click into the SpNo field. Once they click into
it they start typing! If not corrected, then that record will have a
different space no. I had to reposition and redesign the SpNo field on the
form to make it look different from the others to discourage that. 

Tom, would you help me with the code for the Search button? It would be
appreciated. I have looked through the threads and I haven't found anything I
think I could use.

Thank you,

Tom van Stiphout wrote:
>If you don't write code, it may be easier to instruct the users to hit
>Ctrl+F on the SpaceNo field, and enter the value they want to search
>Microsoft Access MVP
>>I need to create an unbound text box with a command button (Search) on my
>>form which will enable the user to find the current record for a space no. I
>[quoted text clipped - 7 lines]
>>Thanks so much.

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11/27/2009 10:13:35 PM

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