Main form with two sub forms


I have a main form with a linked sub form which displays related records 
when a record is selected on the main form.

Rather than use the record selectors at the bottom of the screen on the main 
form to navigate records, I would like to create another sub form (#2) which 
is unlinked, to the main form but contains a summary of all records on the 
main form.

When a record is selected in Sub form # 2, I would like the main form to 
jump to that record as well.  If I link sub form #2, then only the current 
record is displayed, not a complete list.

In essence what I am trying to achieve is an extra sub form that give a list 
of records that the main form contains, and when a record is selected on the 
sub form # 2 it is reflected in the main form and sub form # 1.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated..


1/26/2010 12:15:01 PM
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On 26.01.2010 13:15, GLT wrote:
> In essence what I am trying to achieve is an extra sub form that give a list
> of records that the main form contains, and when a record is selected on the
> sub form # 2 it is reflected in the main form and sub form # 1.
Synchronizing multiple forms can be painful. In your case I would 
consider using one synchronization method in the main form which is 
called from the sub-forms when necessary. E.g.

Main form:

Public Sub Synchronize()

   'your synchronization code here

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Current()


End Sub

Sub form 1/2:

Private Sub Form_Current()

   On Local Error Resume Next


End Sub

--> stefan <--
1/26/2010 12:38:24 PM

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