link a txtbox with a query

Hi guys, I am working in an Access Project and I want to connect one textbox 
I have in the form with the criteria in the query (View) for the row source 
for a combo box in the same form, what I want is for reduce the amount of 
records shown in the combo box. I typed this lines in the criteria of the 
fieldcategory in the query, 
= [forms]![frmPopAddProductOrRecipe]![txtCategory]

but it doesn't recognize it.

5/22/2007 2:13:04 AM
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Hi Orlando

The combo box needs to be requeried whenever your text box is changed. Use 
the After Update event of your text box like...

Private Sub txtCategory_AfterUpdate()
End Sub


Andy Hull

"Orlando" wrote:

> Hi guys, I am working in an Access Project and I want to connect one textbox 
> I have in the form with the criteria in the query (View) for the row source 
> for a combo box in the same form, what I want is for reduce the amount of 
> records shown in the combo box. I typed this lines in the criteria of the 
> fieldcategory in the query, 
> = [forms]![frmPopAddProductOrRecipe]![txtCategory]
> but it doesn't recognize it.
5/22/2007 9:06:01 AM

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