How Do I Chart This in Microsoft Access?


I have the following simple data:

Company              Monthly Sales              Percentage OF Total
-------------               --------------------
Bakery                  $50,000                       0.50
Carpenter              $25,000                       0.25
Plumber                $25,000                       0.25

I would like to create some sort of a graph or chart in Microsoft
Access that will show all three fields.  When I try to create a pie
chart or column chart it just gives me either the "company and the
monthly sales" or the "company and the percentage of total sales".

I would like to display all three columns of data on a graph of some

How do I do that?  Seems it should be quite simple but I can't see it.

Can someone point me to an example online or send  me some code?

3/29/2010 2:12:08 PM
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Jason wrote:
>I have the following simple data:
>Company              Monthly Sales              Percentage OF Total
>-------------               --------------------
>Bakery                  $50,000                       0.50
>Carpenter              $25,000                       0.25
>Plumber                $25,000                       0.25
>I would like to create some sort of a graph or chart in Microsoft
>Access that will show all three fields.  When I try to create a pie
>chart or column chart it just gives me either the "company and the
>monthly sales" or the "company and the percentage of total sales".
>I would like to display all three columns of data on a graph of some
>How do I do that?  Seems it should be quite simple but I can't see it.
>Can someone point me to an example online or send  me some code?

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3/29/2010 3:49:03 PM

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