Find Record in Subform

I currently have a find record command button on the main form. When I
use the main form find button it only searches fields in the main

I would like the ability to search ALL the records in a subform using
a find record command button. Currently when I put a find record
button on the subform it only searches the record currenly displayed.
Is there any way to seach (for example) ALL the Titles in that subform

11/5/2007 7:43:33 PM
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On Nov 5, 2:43 pm, Reb <> wrote:
> I currently have a find record command button on the main form. When I
> use the main form find button it only searches fields in the main
> form.
> I would like the ability to search ALL the records in a subform using
> a find record command button. Currently when I put a find record
> button on the subform it only searches the record currenly displayed.
> Is there any way to seach (for example) ALL the Titles in that subform
> table?

>From what it sounds like you have a table and a sub table that is the
data source for the forms.

You need to make a reverse lookup form,  in wich is the sub becomes
the "Main Form" and the "Main Form" of the form becomes the sub.

11/5/2007 9:35:43 PM

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