Custom Sort Order in a Form


I am trying to set the sort order to a custom setting in an Access
Form (2k).  I have a field with data "High", "Medium", "Low".  If I
sort normal the data is viewed High, Low, Medium.  I want it to sort
H,M,L.  Is there anyway to do this?

12/2/2009 6:23:50 PM
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Create a table along the lines of:

RatingValue  SortOrder
High                    1
Medium              2
Low                     3

Sort on the SortOrder field.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
(no e-mails, please!)

"jrizzo77" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I am trying to set the sort order to a custom setting in an Access
> Form (2k).  I have a field with data "High", "Medium", "Low".  If I
> sort normal the data is viewed High, Low, Medium.  I want it to sort
> H,M,L.  Is there anyway to do this?
> Thanks 

12/2/2009 6:54:32 PM
A couple of ways.  Use a calculated field --
   Sort_Field:  IIF([DataField]="Low", 1, IIF([DataField]="Medium", 2, 3))

Or use a translation table and join --
DataField  SortOrder
Low             1
Medium       2
High            3

Build a little, test a little.

"jrizzo77" wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to set the sort order to a custom setting in an Access
> Form (2k).  I have a field with data "High", "Medium", "Low".  If I
> sort normal the data is viewed High, Low, Medium.  I want it to sort
> H,M,L.  Is there anyway to do this?
> Thanks
> .
12/2/2009 7:59:01 PM

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