Table all in uppercase when imported into Access

I am importing a Dbase III table into MS Access,  All of 
the text fields are in uppercase (Approximately 17,000 
records).  My question is how can I convert all of the 
text fields to lower case with only the first letter of 
the field in Upper case such as name, address, city and 
state fields?
9/24/2004 10:13:43 PM
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There's No EASY Way <g>

You can write a VBA routine or function using UCase or LCase (convert case),
and Left$, Mid$, Right$, Instr, or Split to pull the string apart, or
StrConv(string, vbProperCase) might be a good one.

The trouble with names and addresses, is that there's always exceptions.
Probably easiest to use StrConv and then scan the results for fix-ups.


"" <> wrote in message
> I am importing a Dbase III table into MS Access,  All of
> the text fields are in uppercase (Approximately 17,000
> records).  My question is how can I convert all of the
> text fields to lower case with only the first letter of
> the field in Upper case such as name, address, city and
> state fields?

9/24/2004 10:42:06 PM
Create a query into this table.
Type something like this into the Field row of the grid:
    StrConv([City], 3)

If that gives you the kind of results you want, change it to an update query 
(Update on Query menu). Access adds an Update row to the grid. Move the 
StrConv() expression into the Update row under the City field. Run the 
query, and it updates all 17k records for you.

You can convert several fields at once.
The numbers to use with StrConv() are:
    1 to convert to all upper case;
    2 to convert to all lower case;
    3 to convert to proper case (e.g. "This Is Proper Case")

Allen Browne - Microsoft MVP.  Perth, Western Australia.
Tips for Access users -
Reply to group, rather than allenbrowne at mvps dot org.

"" <> wrote in message
>I am importing a Dbase III table into MS Access,  All of
> the text fields are in uppercase (Approximately 17,000
> records).  My question is how can I convert all of the
> text fields to lower case with only the first letter of
> the field in Upper case such as name, address, city and
> state fields? 

9/25/2004 5:06:48 AM

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