Hi. I have a problem converting an access 95 database to access 2002. When
the conversion is completed,
It makes a table with one error field. The error is:


I tried with other access 95 databases and It happen in everyone. I tried in
other computer
with the same configuration and it works ok.

What can I have to do?. Reinstall the Access 2002?. Search for the file
msjetsql.tlb in disk?.


8/4/2004 9:38:34 AM
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I've solved copying the file from other PC.

"JP" <> escribi� en el mensaje
> Hi. I have a problem converting an access 95 database to access 2002. When
> the conversion is completed,
> It makes a table with one error field. The error is:
> I tried with other access 95 databases and It happen in everyone. I tried
> other computer
> with the same configuration and it works ok.
> What can I have to do?. Reinstall the Access 2002?. Search for the file
> msjetsql.tlb in disk?.
> Thanks.

8/4/2004 12:17:28 PM

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