linking machine datasource to MySQ,import tableL-error

Hi I am able create a machine datasource using a MySQL ODBC driver but when I 
select import and try to import data I get the error , Microsoft Access 
reserved error (-7701).  I used the same driver around 6 months ago and it 
worked fine.  Thanks.
Paul G
Software engineer.
9/12/2005 4:44:03 PM
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Just a bit more information.  I ran a trace and get the following, looks like 
a bad pointer, could it be running out of machine memory!

MSACCESS        714-6cc	ENTER SQLSetConnectOption 
		HDBC                083715E8
		SQLINTEGER                 103 <SQL_LOGIN_TIMEOUT>
		SQLPOINTER          0x00000014

MSACCESS        714-6cc	EXIT  SQLSetConnectOption  with return code 0 
		HDBC                083715E8
		SQLINTEGER                 103 <SQL_LOGIN_TIMEOUT>
		SQLPOINTER          0x00000014 (BADMEM)

Paul G
Software engineer.

"Paul" wrote:

> Hi I am able create a machine datasource using a MySQL ODBC driver but when I 
> select import and try to import data I get the error , Microsoft Access 
> reserved error (-7701).  I used the same driver around 6 months ago and it 
> worked fine.  Thanks.
> -- 
> Paul G
> Software engineer.
9/12/2005 5:11:05 PM
"Paul" <> wrote in message
> Hi I am able create a machine datasource using a MySQL ODBC driver but
when I
> select import and try to import data I get the error , Microsoft Access
> reserved error (-7701).  I used the same driver around 6 months ago and it
> worked fine.  Thanks.
> --
> Paul G
> Software engineer.

11/11/2005 1:11:41 PM

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