Corruption on 2002 / 2000 database showing "blank" objects

Database created in Office XP, used by clients with 
Office 2000 (database is saved as 2000 format).

warning: it's a multi-user environment -- including 

After few days of usage, the database loses some of the 
macros and seems to display several empty or blank 
objects that did not exist previously. Once clicked on 
receive "object does not exist error". This also appears 
sometimes in the Reports area, too.

Any thoughts?
9/9/2003 8:26:05 PM
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Although Office XP can/does use Access2000 format files, there seems to be a
difference depending on which Access it is run under, and that is whether it
references "Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library" or "Microsoft Access 10.0
Object Library". Therefore, I don't think it is safe to use the exact same
copy of the mdb, simultaneously under both versions of Access.

At the least it has probably decompiled.


"Dennis" <> wrote in message
> Database created in Office XP, used by clients with
> Office 2000 (database is saved as 2000 format).
> warning: it's a multi-user environment -- including
> replication.
> After few days of usage, the database loses some of the
> macros and seems to display several empty or blank
> objects that did not exist previously. Once clicked on
> receive "object does not exist error". This also appears
> sometimes in the Reports area, too.
> Any thoughts?

9/9/2003 8:37:02 PM

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