change case and delete records - 3919

1.  How do I change from lowe case to upper case?

2.  Delete dulicate records
12/2/2003 7:08:24 PM
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1. strUcase = UCase(strOriginal)
2. Theres a query Wizard to Handle this. The hardest part is defining
what a "Duplicate" is

oops sorry. The Wizard just shows you what the duplicates are.
You can then either delete them manually orr.

Create a new table with a duplicate structure (Copy the table -
Structure only)

Set a single NoDuplicates index that includes all the fields that
define a duplicate

Copy all the records from the old table to the new one. The dups will
not transfer

Delete all the records in the old table 

Copy the records back

Delete the new table

You will have some issues if the old table is on the one side of a 1-n
relationship or if there are nulls in the special fields.
I leave these as an exercise for you. :)>

Regards Greg Kraushaar
Wentworth Falls Australia
(Do not email - the reply address is a Spam spoofer)
(If you really must, remove all UCase and numbers)

On Tue, 2 Dec 2003 11:08:24 -0800, "Bob"
<> wrote:

>1.  How do I change from lowe case to upper case?
>2.  Delete dulicate records

12/2/2003 9:02:54 PM

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