Paragraph formating jumps to defaults.


We are using Office/Outlook 2007
We have an email signature script that is run when users login, it´s working 
ok except for two things;
If the default paragraph settings in Word 2007 for a user matches those in 
the signature script, the signature will use the "Base defaults" of Word 
2007, that is SpaceAfter = 10 and LineSpacing = "Multiple" with a value of 

So if I change the script to use SpaceAfter=0 and the user has set his/her 
Word 2007 to use SpaceAfter=0, the result will be SpaceAfter=10.
If the script is set to SpaceAfter=0 and the user has SpaceAfter=1, the 
result vill be SpaceAfter = 0.

The same thing happens for LineSpacingRule, if its set to "Single" in the 
users Word 2007 settings and the script is set to use LineSpacingRule = 
wdLineSpaceSingle, the result will be that the signature will have a 
linespacing of "Multiple" and a value of 1,15.

So everytime the users settings match those of the script, it defaults to 
the values you would get if you deleted your normal.dotm.

Is this a bug?

The second problem is that all the lines in the signature will become 
Even though I used vbNewLine to create the signature, which should be the 
same as pressing shift+enter, right?

Any ideas on how to solve?


4/26/2010 1:01:01 PM
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