AUUUGH!!! Sound recorder bug with computers with more than 2 gig

I have an addin which allows people to quicly create and use comment banks 
which can be inserted into Word documents. The addin also allows you to 
record audio comments (recorded using Sound recorder). The video at shows how this works (about 2 
minutes in)

Things are going well ... and then I used it on a computer with more than 2 
gig of memory and found that SOUND RECORDER FALLS OVER!! This is a known 
problem -- see

Does anyone know of:
* another way of recording audio under control of VBA? OR
* a way of patching sound recorder so it works on a machine with more than 2 
gig memory
* another work around that I might be able to use to achieve this 
functionality in machines with more than 2 gig memory

Some people have suggested using the  /MAXMEM= option in the boot.ini file 
BUT this is a last ditch drop dead option.

Any helpful advise would be very gratefully accepted,
Peter Evans
3/16/2010 2:23:01 PM
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