Paste Label into Workbook

I want to print information I extracted/copied/pasted into a Word 2003 
document. I want to print it on an address label of 2 labels per A4 page 
seperated in middle horizontally. I can then peel it off and paste it into my 
A5 paper workbook I write notes in. To do so I need to print on one of the 2 
labels and preferably vertically to look like a A5 page. Hope this make sense.
2/8/2010 4:02:01 PM
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Although you can certainly find a "label" definition that will give you two 
labels (portrait) per landscape page, much the easiest approach is to use 
the "2 pages per sheet" setting under "Multiple pages" on the Margins tab of 
Page Setup. This gives you two logical pages per sheet. You can type on page 
1 and print it or leave page 1 blank (by inserting a manual page break) and 
type on page 2 and print it. Or of course you can print both pages. If you 
have multiple pages, however, and choose to print a specific page (or 
"Current page"), it will always print on the left (not a problem if you just 
rotate the label sheet).

The advantage of the "pages" approach compared to the "label" approach is 
that the labels will be set up as table cells, with all their attendant 
limitations. On a page, you can use any kind of formatting you desire 
(including a page border) and the normal keys for Tab (as opposed to 
Ctrl+Tab), and so on.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

"Flyfish.WP" <> wrote in message
>I want to print information I extracted/copied/pasted into a Word 2003
> document. I want to print it on an address label of 2 labels per A4 page
> seperated in middle horizontally. I can then peel it off and paste it into 
> my
> A5 paper workbook I write notes in. To do so I need to print on one of the 
> 2
> labels and preferably vertically to look like a A5 page. Hope this make 
> sense.

2/8/2010 4:08:19 PM

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