Word 2003 conversion failure from 97 documents

Have some old word 97 documents around we have to convert as needed.

problem exists for users running office 2003.

open a word97 document in word2007 works fine.

Saving he converted word97 document as a word2007 docX and then opening in 
word2003 works fine, so it seems the document conversion process is working.

The problem occrs when opening word97 docs wih word2003, they come up as 
garbage (bunch of square boxes with [Content_Types].xml on the first line), 
looks like its trying to read it as text.

I have tried uninstalling the office2003 document filter options and 
deleting the TextConv folder and rebooting and reinstalling filters, 
repairing and reinstall office installation...not help!

I have tried installing the convers separately:

Since 2007 docs are converting properly, it seems like the problem is not 
word knowing what filter to apply.

After working around the security patches that locked out 97 docs, was 
getting error from the filter:

Loaded the fix and not getting the erorr, but still unable to read the 97 

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot the document conversion process, have 
this issue on every system, so need to find a solution we can apply to all 
system wit the issue.

Thanks for your help!


2/6/2010 2:29:01 AM
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