How many characters can be used in a file or folder name?

1) How many/what is the max number of alpha or numeric characters that can be 
used in a folder or file name - using MS Office/Word 2003? Occassionaly I get 
a 'message' when trying to move a folder or file - saying the file name is 
too long.

2) In the same program (Word 2003) is there a document 'word counting' 

6/6/2010 10:23:33 AM
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(2) Tools > Wordcount. Or, you can have it always showing with View >
Toolbars > Wordcount.

On Jun 6, 6:23=A0am, Oldfulla <>
> 1) How many/what is the max number of alpha or numeric characters that ca=
n be
> used in a folder or file name - using MS Office/Word 2003? Occassionaly I=
> a 'message' when trying to move a folder or file - saying the file name i=
> too long.
> 2) In the same program (Word 2003) is there a document 'word counting'
> facility?
> Oldfulla

6/6/2010 1:13:27 PM
Scroll down to Limits

JoAnn Paules
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"Oldfulla" <> wrote in message
> 1) How many/what is the max number of alpha or numeric characters that can 
> be
> used in a folder or file name - using MS Office/Word 2003? Occassionaly I 
> get
> a 'message' when trying to move a folder or file - saying the file name is
> too long.
> 2) In the same program (Word 2003) is there a document 'word counting'
> facility?
> Oldfulla 

6/6/2010 2:00:31 PM
Length of file/folder names is actually dictated by the OS, not by the app
[as long as the app takes advantage of what the OS provides]. Most current
versions of Windows (IIRC) allow for 255 characters. Moving files/folders is
also an OS function even if done through the Open or Save As dialogs.

What you're probably encountering, however, is most likely not a matter of
the individual file name length, but perhaps the overall number of
characters in the path, beginning with the "C:\". Have you tried doing file
management using a Windows Explorer window?

Depending on your version, edition, & update level of Windows OS there may
be a means of addressing the issue. Although you may get the answer here it
might be better to ask in the Windows OS Forum that deals with your specific
flavor of Windows.

As for Word Count, have a look in the Tools menu. You can also add 'Live
Word Count' to the Status Bar in Tools> Options> View, but it may slow
things down a bit depending on a number of factors. See this link for more:

HTH |:>) 
Bob Jones 
[MVP] Office:Mac

On 6/6/10 6:23 AM, in article, "Oldfulla"
<> wrote:

> 1) How many/what is the max number of alpha or numeric characters that can be
> used in a folder or file name - using MS Office/Word 2003? Occassionaly I get
> a 'message' when trying to move a folder or file - saying the file name is
> too long.
> 2) In the same program (Word 2003) is there a document 'word counting'
> facility?
> Oldfulla

6/6/2010 2:04:44 PM

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