How do you create a table with a shaded header in Word 2007 or 201

Hi.. Can anybody tell me, how you create a table, and then shade the first 
row in it to something like gray, then set the grid lines to gray or 
something, and maybe set the alignment in it to centered...

This is 2007 or 2010, not 2003 in which it was possible to do so.


4/20/2010 3:06:01 AM
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Select the first row of the table and then right click with the mouse and 
select Borders and shading.

For the alignment, select and right click and select Cell alignment

Hope this helps.

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"Marshal" <> wrote in message
> Hi.. Can anybody tell me, how you create a table, and then shade the first
> row in it to something like gray, then set the grid lines to gray or
> something, and maybe set the alignment in it to centered...
> This is 2007 or 2010, not 2003 in which it was possible to do so.
> Thanks.
4/20/2010 3:19:43 AM
InW2007/10, select the first table row. On the table design tab, click the
shading button and click the desired color. Select the whole table, choose a
pen color, then click the all-borders icon --twice if the table already has

But I suspect you are asking  how to create a table style.   With  the cursor
in a table (to expose the table tools, design tab), click the lowest arrow on
the right side of the table styles gallery to expand it.   At the bottom of
the gallery, you'll find "New table style...".   The "Create new style from
formatting" dialog that comes up is similar to the one in W2003.   


Marshal wrote:
>Hi.. Can anybody tell me, how you create a table, and then shade the first 
>row in it to something like gray, then set the grid lines to gray or 
>something, and maybe set the alignment in it to centered...
>This is 2007 or 2010, not 2003 in which it was possible to do so.

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4/20/2010 2:15:27 PM

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