get rid of theme fonts in font dropdown

having 'theme fonts' always appearing at the top of the fonts dropdown is 
annoying as well as making me mouse more (as if it isn't bad enough how much 
more mousing the damn 2007 requires)
any way to get rid of it?
1/29/2010 9:22:03 PM
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Word is a style driven application. If you format the document with styles 
rather than use manual formatting, there should be little need to use the 
fonts dialog.
There is no way I am aware of to remove the theme fonts from the top of the 
fonts list, but you can clear the recently used fonts list by editing the 
registry. Copy and paste the following to a notepad document (example shown 
is Word 2007).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Save it as FontListOff.reg
Merge it into the registry with Word closed. (right click the filename in 
Windows Explorer and select Merge)

To turn it back on again

Change  "NoFontMRUList"="1"

to start the list again (empty).

As for the mouse issues, Word has always made extensive use of keyboard 
shortcuts (the vast majority of which remain the same in Word 2007) and you 
can add to these with your own personal choices. Your fingers need rarely 
leave the keyboard.
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Graham Mayor -  Word MVP

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"dawn.aquila" <> wrote in message
> having 'theme fonts' always appearing at the top of the fonts dropdown is
> annoying as well as making me mouse more (as if it isn't bad enough how 
> much
> more mousing the damn 2007 requires)
> any way to get rid of it?
> tnx 

1/30/2010 7:53:00 AM

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