Cross Reference Error

I have a Word 2003 document that contains cross references.  I've discovered 
that sometimes when I print the document a random cross reference will give 
the following error message:

Error!  Reference source not found.

Other times it prints just fine.  Any Thoughts?
5/11/2010 9:57:01 PM
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When you get that error message, you need to delete and re-build the 

The information that is "read" by the cross-reference is stored in the 
paragraph marker of the target paragraph. If, during your editing, you add or 
delete paragraph markers or split a paragraph, you can lose the link. Then 
the cross-reference can't find what it's looking for.

If this answers your question, it would be appreciated if you would click 
the "Yes" button.



"Richard" wrote:

> I have a Word 2003 document that contains cross references.  I've discovered 
> that sometimes when I print the document a random cross reference will give 
> the following error message:
> Error!  Reference source not found.
> Other times it prints just fine.  Any Thoughts?
5/11/2010 10:31:00 PM

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