2010 Word beta file type problem

I've installed Office 2010 beta.  Now word documents (.DOC) are not 
associated with Word.   I attempted to re-associate them as is typical in 
Windows by choosing "open with" and then browsing to "winword.exe" in 
c:\program files(x86)\office14.  But it will not accept winword.exe as a 
valid program!
So, currently the only way I can get to use Word is to open Word 2010 and 
either do File>Open, or drag a DOC file into the header of Word.  (if I try 
to drag a DOC file from Explorer onto the Word icon on the desktop, it won't 
accept it!

What's going on here?  How do I fix this so that DOCs are default opened by 
(BTW, the current default is Wordpad, which of course doesn't work.)
Prior to this Office 2010 beta install I had Word 2007 and it was accepting 
DOC files.
I'm running this all on W764bit.
12/24/2009 2:30:01 AM
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No problem here with 2010 running under Windows 7 32 bit.

You could try repairing the installation via the Control Panel or 
re-register Word by running winword /r

Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP, originally posted via msnews.microsoft.com

"John Gillis" <John Gillis@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> I've installed Office 2010 beta.  Now word documents (.DOC) are not
> associated with Word.   I attempted to re-associate them as is typical in
> Windows by choosing "open with" and then browsing to "winword.exe" in
> c:\program files(x86)\office14.  But it will not accept winword.exe as a
> valid program!
> So, currently the only way I can get to use Word is to open Word 2010 and
> either do File>Open, or drag a DOC file into the header of Word.  (if I 
> try
> to drag a DOC file from Explorer onto the Word icon on the desktop, it 
> won't
> accept it!
> What's going on here?  How do I fix this so that DOCs are default opened 
> by
> Word?
> (BTW, the current default is Wordpad, which of course doesn't work.)
> Prior to this Office 2010 beta install I had Word 2007 and it was 
> accepting
> DOC files.
> I'm running this all on W764bit. 

12/24/2009 4:02:12 AM

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