Cannot Copy/Paste to some programs

I am using XP Home Edition and Word 2003 and Firefox browser.

I find that, even though I can copy/pate between I cannot
copy/paste to a Moonfruit website that I am building. I am in touch
with moonfruit and it has them baffled. They are able to copy/paste to
my website with no problem.

I also find I cannot copy/Paste URLs from Firefox to IE browser.

Any ideas?

6/5/2010 2:45:27 PM
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On 5 June, 15:45, Merryterry <> wrote:
> I am using XP Home Edition and Word 2003 and Firefox browser.
> I find that, even though I can copy/pate between I cannot
> copy/paste to a Moonfruit website that I am building. I am in touch
> with moonfruit and it has them baffled. They are able to copy/paste to
> my website with no problem.
> I also find I cannot copy/Paste URLs from Firefox to IE browser.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks

Further to the above. It seems that it might be a browser problem. I
cannot copy/paste any URLs between Firefox and IE. It wont even let me
copy from IE. The menu item is greyed out/
6/5/2010 4:04:38 PM

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