iis on xp does not start The server {A9E69610-B80D-11D0-B9B9-00A0C922E750} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout

When I try to start iis I get 2 errors

Tipo evento: Errore
Origine evento: Service Control Manager
Categoria evento: Nessuno
ID evento: 7024
Data:  21/02/2010
Ora:  11.39.32
Utente:  N/D
Computer: D630
The IIS Admin Service service terminated with service-specific error
2148073478 (0x80090006).


Tipo evento: Errore
Origine evento: DCOM
Categoria evento: Nessuno
ID evento: 10010
Data:  21/02/2010
Ora:  11.40.02
Utente:  D630\Administrator
Computer: D630

The server {A9E69610-B80D-11D0-B9B9-00A0C922E750} did not register with DCOM
within the required timeout.

If  I right click on a folder to see the space allocated, it takes 15-20 sec
to respons and on the registry the two events are logged
I've checked  registry permission on key
{A9E69610-B80D-11D0-B9B9-00A0C922E750} that refer to iis admin
I've tryed to reset premission under service and component, config dcom
I've checked the permission and files
and everything seems to be fine, but I still get this error.
What else can I do, prior to reinstall IIS?
Thank you

4/1/2010 12:12:27 PM
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