several problems with windows update and WMDC

I installed WDMC and now i have to run this following update:  

Microsoft Corporation - Other hardware - Windows Mobile-based device support

but after I hit install the system is showing me this error:

Microsoft Corporation - Other hardware - Windows Mobile-based device support

Installation date: ‎11/‎30/‎2009 12:54 PM

Error details: Code 80070103

Update type: Recommended

 can somebody tell me what to do with this error?

11/30/2009 6:59:01 PM
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Hello Al,

Run Windows Update manually & "hide" the update.


"al" wrote:

> I installed WDMC and now i have to run this following update:  
> Microsoft Corporation - Other hardware - Windows Mobile-based device support
> but after I hit install the system is showing me this error:
> Microsoft Corporation - Other hardware - Windows Mobile-based device support
> Installation date: ‎11/‎30/‎2009 12:54 PM
> Error details: Code 80070103
> Update type: Recommended
>  can somebody tell me what to do with this error?
> AL
11/30/2009 8:04:01 PM

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