USB Function driver for ActiveSync in wince5.0


I am writing Usb function driver with ActiveSync support in Wince5.0
for our hardware. I am facing something different problem. i.e., My
driver is working perfectly for one or two times, after that in will
get hang on middle of Bulk Out/In transfers. When I was checking the
debug messages, i found the following issues,

--> For Ex: When serial class driver initiates Bulk IN, in my driver,
IssueTransfer function gets called and I initialize the registers for
Bulk IN and writing data into data register. But in the middle of
initialization, i got one interrupt for Bulk OUT transfer. So in the
middle of bulk IN initialization, the Bulk OUT initialization involved
and vice-versa. This affect the entire flow and reject the Active Sync

--> But My drive is working 1 or 2 times, when the above mentioned
scenario is not happened. So i put time delay, but its not working.

if you have any idea, let me know.

Thanks in Advance.

Regards - D.
1/8/2010 3:00:06 PM
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My Serial class driver is sent BULK out/in irrespective manner. i.e.,
My High layer send Bulk OUT first time, and my driver is processing
Bulk OUT at the time again My Higher Layer send Bulk IN or Bulk OUT,
so my intialization for Bulk IN/Out gets confused.

My question is,

what conditon, Class driver (usb fn serial) sends Bulk OUT/IN to
function driver? i.e., by detecting CompleteTransfer notification,
etc., Because, the Active Sync serial layer is confusing me.

Hope I explain my problem.

Regards - D.
1/9/2010 11:30:01 AM

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