Regarding the bluetooth driver on WINCE5.0

Hi CEAssist,

Thanks in advance,
i am porting the thirdparty bluetooth stack onto the WINCE 6.0, I.MX31,
does the wince 6.0 has the bluetooth driverfor establishing the 
communication between the host and the controller...i want to have the UART 
as the physical transport layer between the host and the controller...

i want to know the driver name used for driving the controller... is it the 
uart driver or the hci driver which drives the controller...?

please reply ASAP this is very much required for my work...

With Best Regards,
4/7/2010 2:38:02 PM
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On 4/7/2010 4:38 PM, Vinayakumar C wrote:
> Hi CEAssist,
> Thanks in advance,
> i am porting the thirdparty bluetooth stack onto the WINCE 6.0, I.MX31,
> does the wince 6.0 has the bluetooth driverfor establishing the
> communication between the host and the controller...i want to have the UART
> as the physical transport layer between the host and the controller...
> i want to know the driver name used for driving the controller... is it the
> uart driver or the hci driver which drives the controller...?
> please reply ASAP this is very much required for my work...

The UART driver is used to transfer the data over a serial connection, 
is not bluetooth specific, but it's used by some of the bluetooth stacks 
provided with CE to transfer HCI command to the external BT controller.
What do you need to implement? Bluetooth stack for a serial controller 
currently not supported by CE? A driver for a BT device communicating 
over a custom protocol? A driver for a BT device communicating using a 
protocol based on RFCOMM (serial port emulation)?
You may need to interface to different layers of the OS to perform those 
operations. If you explain your requirements more clearly someone may 
provide a more detailed and specific answer.

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