Internet Explorer Not connecting issue.

Issue Headline:
	Until Ethernet is connected with another machine,Internet  Explorer could 
not able to connect with WiFi and GPRS.

	I am working with VTC6100 Development board. It is having Atom x86 
Processor,Ethernet,WiFi and GPRS(Sierra Wireless modem).

Bug Produced Sequence:
1. Boards Boots up from CF card but Ethernet did not connect with another 

2.After Board Boots up WiFi is configured with Access Point. 
IP,Subnetmask,Gateway and DNS 
address are configured.Gateway and DNS of the Ethernet are cleared and 
IP,Subnetmask is  configured for Ethernet.

3.Now I am opening an Internet Explorer Page.But Page is not opening i am 
getting "The Page cannot be displayed".But in Command prompt i can able to 
ping Google using it's IP address.

4.I am going to connect Ethernet now with my PC.My PC is not configured with 

5.Ethernet connected symbol came in system Tray of windows CE.

6.Again i am opening an Internet Explorer page.Now Internet is connecting 
and I am able browse some of the websites.

7.After short while i disconnected Ethernet and system tray showing Ethernet 
not connected symbol.Now Internet Explorer is not able to connect.

8.Again I am connecting Ethernet with my PC.Now  i am able browse to some of 
the websites.

9.So Finally i can say if i did not connect Ethernet,Internet Explorer will 
not work.

Some More Details:
1.Windows CE R2 and updates are installed until August-2009. 
2.Start-> Settings -> Network and Dial-up Connections -> Advanced -> 
Advanced Adapter Setings WiFi Adapter is only there.
3.Gateway and DNS Server address are configured for WiFi Only.

The Same is applicable for GPRS and Ethernet.WiFi is disabled here.
One of the solution:
This issue is not coming with until R2. If i install 2008 updates the issue  
is coming.

11/20/2009 3:53:03 PM
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