Vista - What folder does Windows Update download updates to

Vista - What folder does Windows Update download updates to

I had to reinstall Vista a couple of time and was surprised at amount
of updates
I had to install. So was wondering if I can save all of the updates in
a folder on  a exturnal hard drive for safe keeping


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carpy wrote:
> Vista - What folder does Windows Update download updates to
> I had to reinstall Vista a couple of time and was surprised at
> amount of updates
> I had to install. So was wondering if I can save all of the updates
> in a folder on  a exturnal hard drive for safe keeping
> Carpy

Not in that manner, reliably or easily.

Download SP1 and SP2 for Windows Vista and store them externally.  You can 
also collect all the updates in their executable/installable format by 
downloading them individually and saving them as well.

Maybe this would help:

Or this...

You can see the critical (security and other) patches released for a given
month using the following:***.mspx

At the end of this line you see "ms##-***.mspx" .. If you simply replace ##
with the two-digit year and the *** with the three character month
abbreviation, you will see the list of "critical" and "important" patches
for that month (since it only happens once a month usually, if you check by
the second Tuesday (wait until afternoon) of each month - you should be
fine) - note that future months will not work - although they may have an
"Advance Notification for" in place when the actual time approaches.


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Shenan Stanley
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7/17/2010 4:00:48 AM
On Sat, 17 Jul 2010 03:34:51 +0100, just as I was about to take a
herb, carpy <> disturbed my
reverie and wrote:

>Vista - What folder does Windows Update download updates to
>I had to reinstall Vista a couple of time and was surprised at amount
>of updates
>I had to install. So was wondering if I can save all of the updates in
>a folder on  a exturnal hard drive for safe keeping

Its own.
7/17/2010 11:00:33 AM
Besides backing up files, I use an external hard drive that allows me to back 
up the OS. This way all updates are also backed up. Great for reinstalls.
Fortune favors the bold.

7/17/2010 9:21:22 PM

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