Trouble with contacts backup using Windows Mobile Device Center.

(Also posted in old thread relating to the subject)
Hi, I joined the forum specifically for this problem and this is my 
first post. I'm just going to spare you all the introductory bs and get 
down to my concerns. And I didn't bother reading past the first page of 
this thread even though it is apparently like four years old and a 
solution has probably already been found. Forgive me, but I'm really 
frustrated because I'm pretty good with computers and I've been at a 
standstill trying to fix this for about 5 hours now.

I'm running Windows Vista Home Edition 32-Bit on my notebook.
I have Microsoft Office 2007 including Outlook.
My phone is a Samsung I-760 (Carried by Verizon) Running Windows Mobile 
6.1 Professional.

The problem I'm having is the same as described for most of the thread, 
Device Center will not let me backup my contacts because "Outlook not 
configured". I screwed around with outlook, I screwed around with my 
phone, I screwed around with WDC and hours later I haven't accomplished
a  damn thing.

I can't update my phone for because I have no phone internet and am not 
paying Verizon a boatload to back up my contacts.
Am I missing some ridiculous solution to Microsoft's conflicting OS's? 
Is there a patch or something free I can download for my PC or something
to help?

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