Tablet PC output not working.

UE =3D Ultraedit
I've already contacted UE on this problem, their response, they don't =
have a
way to use the tablet PC output.

I'd always figured the PC output was pretty much just cut & paste.

Using my wacom 12wx the other day, I ran across a web link I wanted to =
later when I got online. To save the link, I wanted to write into a =
note. I fired up UE, no tablet PC input panel. I tapped the icon in the =
bar and got the tablet PC input to write in.

After typing the url into the tablet input, I hit the enter on the =
keyboard. The enter C/R was all that got sent to UE. No text. I wound up =
to use the main keyboard to type into UE.

Is there some setting in the tablet PC to make it paste into UE ?
I was looking for a 'COPY' but that didn't exist either.

It seems to be one of those 'you can't get there from here' situations.
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