Automatic updates, automatically disabling itself

Automatic updates, automatically disabling itself.

2nd day now onecare popped up to tell me the updates turned themselves =
I'm thinking what malware would want to turn the updates off ?

Any idea what's going on here ? Did I AUTOMATICALLY install an update =
caused this ?
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<> wrote in message
> Automatic updates, automatically disabling itself.
> 2nd day now onecare popped up to tell me the updates turned themselves 
> off.

Drop OneCare and install Microsoft Security Essentials.

> I'm thinking what malware would want to turn the updates off ?

Damned near ALL malware wants to shut down AU.

> Any idea what's going on here ? Did I AUTOMATICALLY install an update that
> caused this ?

Download and run this in safe mode:

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If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you."

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