ann: my imposter is now posting in alt.windows7.general!

Help me do some thing about my imposter!
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Running of the sentences together.  That is what the mentally ill like to 
do.  Just FYI.  Just FYI.

"Kevin John Panzke" <> wrote in message
> Bill Yanaire, ESQ wrote: > You fuckwit. You can't close a thread.
> Oops. By the way you moron, my > vagina is still at work and she won't
> get home until 6 PM. When she gets > home we will have dinner. Just
> FYI. > > Thanks for asking. Just FYI. > > > > "Kevin John Panzke"
> <> wrote in message >
>> > Bill Yanaire, ESQ wrote: > I suggest going to Victoria Secret.
> Just > > FYI. Buy some edible panties. > Just FYI. Go back to > >
> alt.windows7.general and lure your imposter to your > house (actually
>> > your Institution). When your imposter gets there, have the > nurse
>> > send your Imposter to your room. You will be lying in a sack of >
>> > excrement as usual. Ask your Imposter to join you. Then bend him
> over > > and > FUCK him in the ass! LOL! > > Just FYI! 

6/17/2010 2:25:45 PM

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Hello! On behalf of the EXSLT.NET team I'm pleased to announce the next release of the EXSLT.NET library. EXSLT.NET library is community-developed free open-source implementation of the EXSLT extensions to XSLT for the .NET platform. EXSLT.NET fully implements the following EXSLT modules: Dates and Times, Common, Math, Random, Regular Expressions, Sets and Strings. In addition EXSLT.NET library provides proprietary set of useful extension functions. Download EXSLT.NET 1.1 at the EXSLT.NET Workspace home - EXSLT.NET online documentation - http://w...

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I'm a CPA and Office programmer, and I don't post jokes to newsgroups. Please ignore the guy who is doing this with my name. -- Richard Choate, CPA ...

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The "IMI Contact2DB Synchrony" is small application that can export/extract Contacts items from any Outlook and Exchange Contact Folders, including Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders and save it to any type of Database. The current build is 0.3 alphas. This version has been tested with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Access 2002, Microsoft Excel 2002, Paradox 7, DBase. The actual link for the "IMI Contact2DB Synchrony" is: -- Iv Borissov IMI Support Team

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Dear All, We are running a two node (active/passive) Exchange 2003 cluster on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1 (Revision 1) and Exchange 2003 SP2. Presently we are experiencing severe delays on undeliverable notications when we sent out emails globally within the organisation (there are approximately 3000 mailboxes.) For example a global email was sent regarding a major fault during the week commencing 15/01/07 - 19/01/07 yet the notification failures seem to come back at irregular intervals. The last being this afternoon when notications were returned due to two disabled accounts and a...

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I apologize if this has been asked before, but I wasn't sure where t turn. I was prompted to compact my e-mail folders and save waste space (which I have done before), but this time, it seems to hav gotten rid of all of my e-mails in my mail folders. Is there any wa to get to those messages again or are they gone (stored) forever -- auntof ----------------------------------------------------------------------- auntof3's Profile: View this thread: Posted from - http://www.officehelp.i ...

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