Synchronization Manager - No Errors, but...

hey everyone, just when you think you've heard all the SyncMgr
questions, here's one for ya:
i have Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP PCs, and every time i
shutdown Windows XP, it Syncs no problem. But it keeps popping up saying
that there were "no errors", and then i have to click "Close" before it
shuts down. this is annoying, because i have to hang around while it
syncs, so i can click on "Close" afterwards, instead of just shutting
down and leaving.

i have applied the following registry edits, so it would quit bugging me
about mdb files:



and this one, so that it would only bug me for errors:


but it still pops up to tell me that there were no errors, and prompts
me to click "Close". 
is there a way to have it just shut down without me having to click
thanks in advance,

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