SBS 2008 and XP

Hello All,

Has anyone successfully being able to setup and manage SBS 2008 Premium and 
Win XP Pro? What problems did you encounter? Will you say they successfully 
play well together? What caveats are there? Anything else to watch out for?

Thank you.
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No reason to expect that SBS 2008 and XP Pro will not play nice.  Premium 
has nothing to do with it, as the Premium SKU allows for, and furnishes, 
a separate copy of Server 2008 and SQL.  The SBS box is identical in either 

There are additional benefits to the stations being Vista or Win7, but you 
should expect XP Pro, SP3 to be working and supported.  If you have issues, 
please let us know what you are seeing.

Please post the resolution to your
issue so others may benefit
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> Hello All,
> Has anyone successfully being able to setup and manage SBS 2008
> Premium and Win XP Pro? What problems did you encounter? Will you say
> they successfully play well together? What caveats are there? Anything
> else to watch out for?
> Thank you.

12/11/2009 5:55:42 PM

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