SBS 2003 VPN Frustration!

Hi all,

I hope someone here can help. I saw a similar post that someone here was
able to solve so I'm pinning my hopes on that.

Let me try and provide as much information as possible.


I'm trying to setup the software VPN on the SBS so that remote users can
be connected in to the server (so they can use local Outlook Exchange,
can access the shared data folders on the main office server, etc).

Testing this setup on our own system, I can connect into the server
using VPN but cannot access anything on the network.


1. I ran the "Configure Remote Access" on the Server.
- I used our Public IP address since our domain name is not hosted
2. I forwarded mutiple ports on our firewall to allow access.
- 443, 80, 25, 4125, 1701 (UDP), 1723
3. I added my user to the "Mobile Users" group.
4. I copied the 'sbspackage.exe' file that was created on the server and
ran it on the outside system.
5. When I run that connection, putting in my domain login credentials,
the connection is established successfully.
6. ipconfig shows my LAN connection (ex.
192.168.*10.102*/ and my VPN connection
7. I can ping the server (ping 192.168.*100.2* gets replies).
8. On the server, under "Routing and Remote Access/Remote Access
Clients", it shows my user (domain_name\username) as being connected.
9. If I try to browse to the server, map a network drive, add my
computer to the domain, setup Exchange email, etc, it fails saying it
can't see the domain (even though it is connected into it).
10. WTF?!

I have been scouring the web, for 3 days now trying to figure out what
I'm missing but there's nothing. I've found some things referring to ISA
but we're not using that.

Please, anyone, help me!

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Ok, Update for anyone out there that might be able to help.

When a local user is connected into the server the settings are as
follows (I will be modifying the actual numbers a bit).

DNS Suffix: ourdomain.local
DHCP Enabled: Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled: Yes
DG: (Router)
DHCP: (Server)

Now, when a client connects using the VPN that the sbspackager.exe
creates the settings are as follows:

DNS Suffix: ourdomain.local
DHCP Enabled: No
DG: (same as IP)
WINS: (note the '1.1xx' not '10.1xx')

Looks to me like those settings are a little off on the VPN connection.
Funny thing is, if I create a manual VPN connection on the remote
system, and then set the WINS to the Server IP, I can map shared drives.
I shouldn't need to do that but I can't even get that far without that.


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