Post migration issue

A couple of months after swinging SBS2003 server to 2008 when I run
the Exchange BPA I noticed that it still tries to communicate with the
old migration PC. How can this be fixed? The Computer object doesn't
exist in the AD any more. Also there are no DNS records referencing
it. The migration PC is long gone so I can't use it to remove the
routing group which apparently it was a master of.
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Suggest you contact for the answer to this question, 
as it is impossible to tell from here what you did or did not do, or what 
you might have missed for this to pop up now.

Please post the resolution to your
issue so others may benefit
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> A couple of months after swinging SBS2003 server to 2008 when I run
> the Exchange BPA I noticed that it still tries to communicate with the
> old migration PC. How can this be fixed? The Computer object doesn't
> exist in the AD any more. Also there are no DNS records referencing
> it. The migration PC is long gone so I can't use it to remove the
> routing group which apparently it was a master of.
> yaro

5/18/2010 3:29:15 PM

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