Migration Wizard


I get "Windows SBS 2008 Migration Wizard has stopped working"
Problem details are
  Stopped working
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
  Problem Signature 01: migrationwizard.exe

When trying to run Mig Wizard on new SBS2008 Server from 2003.  Everything 
else looks OK - email flow, mailboxes, etc.

Other tasks in SBS Console run OK.  Not sure what is in the Mig Wiz so just 
want make sure I do everything required!

Any ideas much appreciated
12/5/2009 3:53:01 PM
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Hello Neil,

Thanks for your post.

If you are using the built-in Administrator account, please log off and log on with another account that has net administrator privileges. Then locate to "C:\Program Files
\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\" folder and run the "MigrationWizard.exe" program manually. Does this issue still occur?

If issue still occurs, check for the migrationtask.xml file under C:\program files\Windows small business server\data and the MigrationWizard log under C:\program files
\Windows small business server\Log to see if you can find more information recorded.

This issue is ofen caused by FSMO role seizure failure. So, please look at Event log and see if there is any AD or FSMO errors there. If there are too many errors, we might 
need to start the migration again.

More related information: 

SBS 2008 Migrations from SBS 2003 - Keys to Success

Run the Migration Wizard

Hope this helps. 

Best regards,
Robbin Meng(MSFT)
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12/7/2009 10:08:50 AM

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